Instructor Workshop

2014 MANTG Presenters

2014 Breakout Session Descriptions:
OPG’s Blended Learning Approach to SOER 10-2
    Presenter:   Louise Hastie
    Job Title:    Instructional Technologist
    Company:  Ontario Power Generation
Description:  Ontario Power Generation OPG) operates 10 CANDU reactors and designed a blended learning approach to close performance gaps in over 1500 supervisors at all plants. Effectiveness measures indicate performance improvement across a range of behaviors and worker feedback indicates the program is making a difference.
  • Identify the elements of a blended learning strategy.
  • Apply lessons learned from OPG’s experience for Leadership Development programs.
  • Employ strategies for a Multipronged Learning program.
  • Relate OPG’s Training Effectiveness Evaluation process to your own organization’s process
Louise Hastie, MA is an Instructional Technologist for OPG’s Training, Planning and Design Department. She is responsible for building the technical capacity of the company’s training resources, resulting in enhanced trainer performance and is in the midst of pursuing her Doctorate in Education based out of the University of Glasgow.
Cognitive Obstacles to RO/SRO Initial License Success
    Presenter:   1. Cynthia DeVita-Cochrane    2. Nathan Cochrane
    Job Title:    1. Director of Organizational Consulting    2. Assessment Manager
    Company:  The Westwind Group, Inc.
Description:  The assessment team has spent the last several years conducting assessments for potential Reactor Operator and Senior Reactor Operator License candidates. The aggregation of the results of these assessments have been analyzed and trends noted. Certain cognitive obstacles are evident even in highly competent candidates. These trends will be shared as well as strategies for addressing these cognitive obstacles during initial license class, in order to ensure candidate success.
iPads in the Classroom
    Presenter:   Kim King, Jason McEntarffer, Dan Shane
    Job Title:    Training Technology Specialist
    Company:  Kim King – Training Technology Specialist – Exelon Generation / Limerick
                      Dan Shane – Lead RP Instructor – PPL Susquehanna, LLC
                      Jason McEntarffer – RP Instructor – PPL Susquehanna, LLC
Description:  If you are interested in minimizing the time and cost of making paper copies of handouts and training materials for your students, this session will show you how to save time and money by using iPads in the classroom. We will discuss the initial equipment purchase, set-up, cost savings, student feedback and techniques for use in the classroom.
Instructional Design: The Design Phase of ADDIE
    Presenter:   Dr. Elizabeth Doucette
    Job Title:    Instructional Technologist
    Company:  TVA – Browns Ferry
Description:  This session is designed to guide participants through the art of crafting good learning objectives that are student centered and performance based. We will utilize activities to provide a hands-on learning approach.
Interactive 3D Power Plant Training Creation
    Presenter:   Jeff Stevens
    Job Title:    Training Manager – Strategic Planning and Projects
    Company:  Exelon Corporate Nuclear Training
    In response to SOER 10-2 Rec. 3 Exelon developed a new Computer-Based Training Module “Introduction to Power Plant Operation”. The course will be taken by all nuclear employees with plant access who do not receive Systems training.
    The IPPO CBT course replaces a classroom course, and leverages technology to deliver an interactive 3D plant training tour, complete with virtual pre-job brief, security brief, a Welcome Center, Reading Room, Knowledge Assessments, and Thinking and Engaged Behaviors appropriate for various systems and plant areas. IPPO contains 90 professionally animated and narrated videos, and provides plant understanding using a visually fresh approach at the right level.
    The presentation is intended for training professionals interested in learning about the processes involved in the making of this new product, and what can be expected if they would like to complete similar projects. The presentation will discuss the projects organization and steps involved with working with the animation company to bring it all together. The course will be demonstrated as part of the presentation.
    This presentation is by Mr. Jeffrey Stevens from Exelon Corporate Training who wrote and developed the IPPO course.
SAT - Adding Details to the Big Picture
    Presenter:   Martin Land
    Job Title:    Fleet Accreditation Specialist
    Company:  FENOC
Description:  Pretty much everyone can spell SAT,(ADDIE,right?) but how well do we translate those steps to our day to day work? This work shop will demonstrate a method that can be used to improve the knowledge your organization has on the practical application of the SAT process.
Touchy Feely Stuff: Diagnosing and Addressing Affective Performance Issues
    Presenter:  Timothy Barlow
    Job Title:    Lead Operations Instructor
    Company:  Exelon/Constellation
Description:  This session will focus on techniques for addressing “Affective Domain” performance. We will use anecdotes, personal OE, the Mager Performance Analysis model, and behavioral research to demonstrate how we can improve performance at the department and plant level. We will break down the uncomfortable touchy-feely stuff to a practical an attainable level. This will include, but is not limited to:
  • Recognizing behavior/culture issues before they become events
  • Why people don’t do the “right” thing
  • Why our imperfect brains need a “human performance” program (and common reasons the program fails)
  • How to get students to internalize philosophical topics such as Operator Fundamentals or the tenets of SOER 10-02
  • How to design, implement, and evaluate Affective Domain Objectives to support meaningful behavior changes.
Cyber Enemy in the Wire?
    Presenter:   Dr. Jane LeClair
    Job Title:    Chief Operating Officer
    Company:  National Cybersecurity Institute at Excelsior College
Description:  Since 9/11 a great deal of attention has been focused on security in the United States. Security is heightened at airports sporting events, malls and at nearly any site that is considered an essential asset. Naturally enough, nuclear facilities are high on that list of essential assets whose physical and cyber security interests must be safeguarded. The NRC, DHS and NIST have been hard at work to ensure that those facilities are adequately protected. This presentation will provide an overview of how those organizations are working together to meet the cybersecurity goals set forth by Presidential Executive Orders and, how continuous training is an essential ingredient in that goal.
Innovative Techniques to Reinforce Human Performance Principles in the Classroom
    Presenter:   Ray Bohner and Scott Miller
    Job Title:    Operations Instructors
    Company:  Exelon Generation, Limerick Generating Station
    As the pool for candidates with an operations background become less and less we find ourselves challenged to create a opportunities for new trainees to understand basic operations principles.
    This simply designed functional tool can be used to simulate plant conditions and help create a realistic context for learning. The tool is designed to reinforce Human Performance Techniques, alarm responses, verification techniques, procedure use and adherence and much more.
    This tool is not just for operations, but can be used for any application that you can imagine. Come learn how you can design and use your own human performance trainer.
STI 3D Computer Animated Training Program
    Presenter:   Richard Wellens
    Job Title:    President
    Company:  Systems Technology Inc.
Description:  STI 3D Computer Animated Training Program
Voice/Health Care for the Nuclear Instructor
    Presenter:   Roger Nolter
    Job Title:    Electrical Maintenance Instructor
    Company:  PSEG Nuclear, LLC
Description:  As an instructor your number one tool you use every day is your Voice. How do you take care of your voice? What are the do’s and don’ts that voice professionals take into consideration leading up to and during a presentation.
    In the Nuclear world of doing more with less is the norm rather than the exception. Instructors are being tasked with presenting more often for longer durations (4x10 hour days) and with increasing class sizes. This environment can lead to serious issues with your voice, legs, back and can limit your enjoyment in the profession. This presentation will cover techniques to show how we can bring enjoyment and longevity to our job. Voice mechanics, exercises to warm-up/strengthen our voices, as well as some very important tips/tricks to utilize while preparing or teaching a subject are some of the topics that will be presented during this class.
Use of Competitive Team Building During Structured Review Increases Student Retention
    Presenter:   Ronny A. Olson
    Job Title:    Nuclear Operations Training Instructor – RP/Chemistry
    Company:  PSEG Nuclear – Hope Creek Generating Station
Description:  The entry of the millennial generation into the workforce brings new challenges to training programs originally designed for baby boomers. The Millennials’ team-oriented, socially- connected mindset tends to reduce the effectiveness of traditional training methods. In response to trainee feedback, the Presenter developed a board game that incorporates elements of teamwork, competition, risk, and chance into an effective structured review tool that students find engaging, enjoyable, and effective. The design of the game is completely independent of instructional content, making it ideal for all disciplines. The structure of the game itself gives students considerable control over not just their own fortunes, but also the fortunes of other players, all while answering objective-based questions and performing exercises based on training content. Attendees to this seminar will have an opportunity to examine the game in detail and play a few rounds should they desire to do so.
Simulation: Evolutions in Radiation Safety Training Applications
    Presenter:   Michael Podobnik
    Job Title:    President
    Company:  Teletrix
Description:  In Radiation Safety Training, enhancement of the experience for the trainee and the instructor is significant in optimizing results-based training. Simulation has been present in various forms with benefits and weaknesses to most all approaches to radiation safety training, making it less-than-perfect approach for adoption in a large portion of the community. Given changing norms, the advent of ALARA, progression of technology and heightened criteria in training practices and hardware, situational simulation, now more than ever, presents a means to elevate radiation detection training and safety. The adoption of hands-on simulation in all training programs raises preparedness and the yardstick by which we measure performance and safety.
The NRC Operator License – A Regulatory Perspective
    Presenter:   Don Jackson
    Job Title:    Chief, Operations Branch – NRC Region 1
    Company:  Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Description:  This is an open Q&A session that will focus on the regulatory basis for a nuclear power plant NRC operator license, and what the legal responsibilities are for the licensed operator.
New Technologies in Training
    Presenter:   Allen Graybill
    Job Title:    Manager, Training Technology & Innovation
    Company:  Exelon Nuclear – Corporate Training
Description:  This session will take a look at new technologies for classroom delivery of training and the implementation of integrated computer applications for training observations, operator training, and performance, and instructor evaluations.
Procurement and Development of a Glass Panel Simulator
    Presenter:   Mark Parrish
    Job Title:    Simulator Coordinator
    Company:  PSEG Nuclear, LLC
Description:  Hope Creek recently procured and tested a Glass Panel Simulator for use with Operator Training. The reasons for purchasing the glass panel simulator will be presented, the challenges and successes from the testing program, and the intended uses in training.
Flipping the Nuclear Classroom
    Presenter:   Troy Pederson
    Job Title:    Sr. Program Manager, Accreditation Support
    Company:  Watts Bar Nuclear Plant - Tennessee Valley Authority
Description:  The concept of “flipping the classroom” has been used in education for years. In the nuclear industry, we’ve been slow to adopt this highly successful approach to learning. During this session, we’ll take a look at what “flipping the classroom” really is and how it’s used in education. We’ll talk about how Watts Bar Nuclear Plant is piloting the “flipped classroom” in initial fundamentals training. Then we’ll brainstorm how we could take the concept a step further and flip the classroom in the rest of initial training, continuing training, and even initial license training.
Value Added Interactive and Engaging Activities
    Presenter:   Angela Burdick and Gary Combs
    Job Title:    Senior Technical Instructor (CHEM/RP)
    Company:  R.E. Ginna (CENG/Exelon)
Description:  Are you passing out from exhausting while trying to keep your student’s awake in the class? Are you getting the same old boring feedback that training is boring?
    Well, have we got a little training for you. Come and join the dynamic duo of Angela and Gary as they discuss the tools they’ve used, the tactics they’ve employed, their challenges and successes in making training FUN to help foster learning
    Presenter:   Lisa Zatko
    Job Title:    Sr. Nuclear Specialist - Instructor Training
    Company:  FENOC @ Davis-Besse
Description:  Training
    Presenter:   Jake Kluch
    Job Title:    Instructor
    Company:  ???
Description:  ???
NUCP partnership with the College of Southern Maryland
    Presenter:   Mike Gahan
    Job Title:    M & T Manager
    Company:  Exelon (CENG)
Description:  Calvert Cliffs has been in partnership with the College of Southern Maryland (CSM) for several years. The fourth internship is about to occur. The third hiring of CSM graduates is about to occur. This presentation will cover the lessons learned and benefits gained as we have grown in this partnership.
Conducting 'Conduct of Troubleshooting Training'
    Presenter:   Giselle Gamble and Tom Osborne
    Job Title:    ESP Lead Instructor and IMD Lead Instructor
    Company:  Exelon Generation - Oyster Creek
Description:  This presentation shows you how to effectively conduct troubleshooting training to your multi-discipline troubleshooting teams. We used Exelon's 'Conduct of Troubleshooting' procedure but this training method can also be effective for teaching your station's troubleshooting procedure or process.
    We demonstrate and discuss the delivery of the training process to large multi-discipline groups and how to use a scenario from the first indication of the problem in the Control Room (simulator) to the retention of the complex troubleshooting plan in your site data history to accomplish this.
    How you conduct your training can improve troubleshooting performance and effectiveness at your station.
    Presenter:   ???
    Job Title:    ???
    Company:  ???
Description:  ???
    Presenter:   ???
    Job Title:    ???
    Company:   ???
Description:  ???
    Presenter:   ???
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    Company:  ???
Description:  ???
    Presenter:   ???
    Job Title:    ???
    Company:  ???
Description:  ???
    Presenter:   ???
    Job Title:    ???
    Company:  ???
Description:  ???
Presentation of a Life Time
    Presenter:  Imagine your name here
    Job Title:    Extraordinary Instructor
    Company:  The Best
Description:  Show your peers how training is supposed to look :)

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