Lifestyle Training Episode 2: 10 hair products to keep your youth

Lifestyle Training Episode 2 is all about looking young forever and it all starts with your hair.

Do you wish to have perfect hair?

You may be trying hard just to get perfect hair tried several products and therapies but not getting any results. Don’t worry, this article will help you to solve all your hair problems. Your hair defines your looks and makes you more attractive. Your hairstyle always defines you as a bold personality because your external looks always do matter when you meet a new person that is why you cannot neglect your hair growth if you want to create a good impression at your first sight. In your busy lifestyle, you might hardly get time to take extensive care of your hair, and that is one of the major reasons you end up with some hair problem throughout your life.

There are several problems that you face daily such as hair loss, breakage, hair splits and most importantly when your hair stops growing. There could be several reasons for your hair problem hormonal disorder, improper food habit and stress. If you want to get rid of all hair problems; you must change your diet. Vitamins and minerals are the main food for your hair (1). You can add different types of fruits in your diet as fruits are the main source of vitamins & minerals. Water plays an important role in your diet, it prevents your body from dehydration; you should drink six to eight glasses of water each day, which will help you to balance the water level in your body.

What do you know about hair growth supplements?

  • Most of the people have a wrong concept about the supplement, but when it comes to the top hair growth supplements, its nothing but having the required nutrition in a form of medicine. Your body needs all the nutrients to keep you healthy, and if you have all the nutrients in your body, then your hair growth would be good, but a deficiency in any of the nutrients you may face lots of hair problems. You may be hygienic, eat lots of healthy food or follow a particular diet plan, but still, your body, sometimes lacks from some nutrient; so if you want to balance your nutrient, then defiantly you should go for a supplement. It is observed that lots of doctors, skin specialist, hair designer also referring supplement along with your diet. Research has shown that supplements help more naturally to grow your hair and helps you to protect from any hair damages and also from skin problems.
  • You may think that it’s some medicine and if you start taking it will have to face its side effects also but here you are wrong. It’s quite natural, and you will see results in minimum time line because all the contents of the hair growth supplement are mostly collected from natural resources and these supplements you can use whenever you feel the need of it though it is advisable to consult with experts in this subject matter.

Here are some supplements which will help you for your hair growth:

For your hair growth, the most important elements are, different types of vitamins, proteins and minerals (2) and you can get easily get these by taking the supplements.

  1. Biotin: Biotin is considered to be most effective and natural supplement for hair growth.  It cures your hair cell and head skin internally by fulfilling the need of required protein and vitamins.
  2. Hair Essentials: Hair Essentials works as a multivitamin in your body which helps hair and beards to become thicker, stronger and also nourish your hair naturally.
  3. Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Nutrient: If you have tried all the products, but not getting any result, then viviscal supplement would be the right choice for you.  You can see the effect less number of days.
  4. Hairfinity: Hairfinity is the highest sold supplement in the market; it works magically irrespective of gender. It is tested and proven almost every hair problem can be solved within a minimum time of one month.
  5. HairAnew:  This hair supplement is made of several hair nurturing ingredients and can help your hair and nails grow faster than anything else. Scientifically proven this hair growth solution product can guarantee a hazard less hair growth within a short time.
  6. Hum Nutrition Red Carpet: This hair supplement is herbal and made from plants it gives your hair natural glow and cures not only hair problems also solve skin problems.
  7. Neal’s Yard Beauty Boost: if you are thinking to get natural hair this hair supplement would be the right choice for you. It helps to produce pigment in your hair which will help give you lively hair color.
  8. Aviva Hair Revitalizer: If you are facing hair loss problem, then here is a must try supplement waiting for you – Aviva Hair Revitalizer. It thickens your hair and prevents hair fall. It is made from pumpkin oil.
  9. Nourage: keratin is one of the most essential elements in your body which gives you good skin, nails as well as hair. If you take this supplement, it will definitely help your body to form keratin and minerals, which will help you to get the perfect hair.
  10. Olly Undeniable Beauty: If you don’t wish to swallow pills, then here is your solution. It’s made from fruits and vegetable and if you take this, you will not get the essence of medicine, but you will definitely get a natural feeling.

Why you should go for supplements (3)?

  • It is a known fact that vegetables are one of the most important sources of nutrients, but if you don’t like the taste of vegetables you can easily skip vegetable and go for a supplement which will give you the same value.
  • Nowadays it’s very difficult to maintain the proper balance of nutrition in a busy life, and supplements are one of the must have foods which helps you to find all nutrition at the same in the same food. It, moreover, works as a time saver regarding maintaining a good hair growth.
  • The best advantage of a good supplement product is it reduces the risk of side effects as supplements are mostly consumed as an eatable products, though it is not that effective if you compare with natural nutrients because supplements are, after all a processed and artificially produced and eatable supplements always better than external treatments. External treatments can affect your hair follicle and can damage the tissues and cell permanently. Research says external treatments can be harmful to your nervous system as well.

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